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A seed is planted (1995 - 2017)

In 1995, Mr. Steven McManus had a vision to open up a tuition-free high school where Career & Technical Education (CTE) and character development would be nurtured at the same time.

He drew up a business plan for the school that same year, but unfortunately, his requests for funding and land use were denied.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Mr. McManus took up his dream again. He recruited Felix Camacho, Juan P. Flores, Faith DelaRosa, and Gregorio S. Calvo to serve on the board of what would eventually become “Career Tech High Academy Charter School.”

The following year, the small team finished the petition for “Career Tech” and submitted it to the Guam Academy Charter School Council.

Blooming in a pandemic (2019 - 2021)

Career Tech’s charter was fully approved in December 2019. A small group of volunteers, including Tamar Celis, Siobhon McManus, and Alejandro Retumban, Jr., immediately got to work to prepare the school to open in SY20-21.

Then, in the middle of March 2020, the whole island was placed in a general lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The board and their newly hired principal, Tamar Celis, delayed the school’s opening to October 2020. She and Alejandro Retumban, Jr., ran the school on their own for the entirety of SY20-21

Despite having online classes for the entirety of SY20-21, the 25 Career Tech students were able to participate in various small-group activities, such as Adventure Bonding (hikes and outdoor activities) and Finding Focus (one-on-one tutoring at public libraries). The final weeks of the school year concluded with an introductory course in American Sign Language taught by Andresina S. McManus, and a community potluck with students from the islands deaf community.

Growing a community (SY 2021 - 2022)

Dr. Juan P. Flores joined Career Tech as its principal in the summer of 2021. Under his leadership, the school opened its doors for in-person learning that August. Celis and Retumban retained their teaching and administrative positions from the previous year; Roman Duenas came on board as the Jewelry Carving and English composition teacher; and Miguel Castro was hired as the school assistant.

With more than double the student and faculty population from the previous year and fewer disruptions to the school year, Career Tech began to lay the foundations for its unique “culturally rooted, career ready” curriculum.

In the second semester, Career Tech adopted the online curriculum “eDynamic” for its wide array of CTE, elective, and academic courses. Students now had the opportunity to earn an additional credit per semester if they completed two introductory career preparation courses during their Independent Learning blocks. Courses offered through eDynamic include Public Service, Early Childhood, Military Careers, Law & Order, and Allied Health Assistant.

Drivers and Pilots (SY22/23)

The Career Tech High board hired longtime special educator and former private school principal Andresina S. McManus as the new principal of Career Tech. With the school growing an additional 30% in its 3rd year, Career Tech High rolled out two unique courses offered nowhere else on the island or the region. A fully funded drivers education program helped scores of students acquire their drivers permit and drivers license. Other students passed their FAA 107 Drone Pilots examination and more than half of our seniors were placed in good paying internships with the islands business community.

The Future (SY23/24)

In addition to the Career Discovery courses, CNA foundations, IT program, Drivers Ed and SkillsUSA certification, Career Tech High will start its next school year with the islands only Maritime Academy in boat building, sailing and navigation towards a USCG OUPV Boat Captains LIcense. We strongly encourage freshmen and sophomores to enroll in this 3 year course. Also, another first, Career Tech High will begin offering a career pathway in Electric Vehicle (EV) Automotive Technology.