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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a charter school?

    - Guam charter schools receive their funding from the Government of Guam, so tuition is free.
    - Charter schools do not follow Guam’s district rules, so they can accept students from anywhere on the island. Free islandwide bussing is also available to all Career Tech students.
    - Charter schools have enrollment caps each year. Career Tech is pushing for an enrollment increase to 125 students for SY22-23.
    - Charter schools are free to explore alternate educational formats. Career Tech is a charter school that focuses on developing future workforce leaders through mentorship, Career & Technical Education (CTE), and cultural connections.
  2. Who can be enrolled at Career Tech?

    As a high school, Career Tech accepts incoming 9th to 12th graders only.
  3. What if my child is already enrolled in another high school?

    Career Tech provides a complete high school education, so your child will need to transfer out of their current high school to attend Career Tech. Career Tech students will be enrolled in standard academic courses in addition to their Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses, so they will receive a high school diploma upon graduation.
    If you haven't decided on a high school for your child yet, please consider Career Tech!
  4. When does SY23-24 start?

    Career Tech students will start SY23-24 in August 2023. Information regarding the orientation and open house will be published on the website and sent to the families of Career Tech students.
  5. What documents do I need to enroll my child?

    Families of Career Tech students must complete or submit the following:
    (1) Online registration form (email for the link to the SY22-23 form)
    (2) Student’s physical exam form (must be within 1 year)
    (3) Student’s updated shot records
    (4) Student’s transcript (if and only if the student is a 10th, 11th, or 12th grader)
  6. What kind of courses are offered at Career Tech?

    Career Tech is proud to offer courses that challenge students, develop their academic and career-ready skills, and foster cultural values that will be useful in a variety of real-life situations.
    (a) Career Discovery
    (b) IT certifications
    (c) Drivers Education
    (d) EV Auto Tech
    (e) Boat Captains license
    (f) Skills USA certification
    (g) CNA Nursing and More to come

Career Tech also offers a wide variety of Independent Learning courses, where students learn about different career pathways while strengthening their intellectual independence.