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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a charter school?

    - Charter schools are publicly funded, so tuition is free.
    - Charter schools do not follow Guam’s district rules, so they can accept students from anywhere on the island. Free islandwide bussing is also available to all charter school students.
    - Charter schools have enrollment caps each year. Career Tech’s enrollment cap for SY20-21 is 100 students.
    - Charter schools are free to explore alternate educational formats. Career Tech is a charter that focuses on developing high school students through mentorship and Career & Technical Education (CTE).
  2. Who can be enrolled at Career Tech?

    Students must be enrolled at Career Tech for at least 3 years to obtain the adequate skills, knowledge, and experience needed to earn certification in their chosen CTE pathway. This is the reason Career Tech is limiting enrollment to 9th and 10th grade students only for SY20-21.
  3. What if my child is already enrolled in another high school?

    Career Tech provides a complete high school education, so your child will need to transfer out of their current high school to attend Career Tech. Career Tech students will be enrolled in standard academic courses in addition to their Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses, so they will receive a high school diploma upon graduation.
    If you haven't decided on a high school for your child yet, please consider Career Tech!
  4. What CTE pathways are available?

    For SY20-21, Career Tech students will be enrolled in the “Maritime/Wayfinding” CTE pathway. This CTE pathway combines traditional seafaring practice with modern-day boating education. The goal for this CTE pathway is to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and boating experience to obtain a captain’s license by their senior year.
    Career Tech aims to roll out its other CTE pathways (e.g., Information Technology, Allied Health, Agriculture, Electrical/Solar Photovoltaics, Business/Accounting) in subsequent school years.
    Sophomores in SY21-22 may switch to another CTE pathway upon availability.
  5. When does SY20-21 start?

    Career Tech students will start SY20-21 on October 5, 2020.
  6. What documents do I need to enroll my child?

    Career Tech students must have a completed registration form and a physical exam. You can fill out the registration form online at, or over the phone by calling Principal Tamar at 797-TECH (8324).
  7. What is the learning format at Career Tech?

    Career Tech students are required to participate in 3 hours of real-time learning per week. The student will need to be on campus or on an Internet-connected device at home during those 3 hours. If the student is on campus, they will be placed in a 1200-sq.-ft. classroom that can accommodate a full class of 25 students with social distancing in place.
    For the remainder of the week, teachers will continue to provide instruction and guidance to students through phone calls, video calls, home visits, and 1-on-1 tutoring on campus.
    Career Tech students in SY20-21 will be enrolled in an introductory navigation class as part of the Maritime/Wayfinding CTE pathway. This class meets once a week during school hours and will often take place outdoors. Students can attend this class physically or watch a video of the class session when it gets uploaded.
  8. What if my child doesn't have access to a device or Internet for the 3 hours of real-time learning?

    Career Tech students without access to a device or Internet can attend their 3 hours of real-time instruction by physically coming to school. Career Tech will work together with families for whom neither physical nor virtual attendance is feasible to achieve equitable access for each student.
    All other learning throughout the week can take place without a device or Internet, although students will need to be able to talk over the phone.